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National Parks of Kenya
Africa & Indian Ocean Islands
Experience these great wildlife reserves.
Valid. 03-Jan to 31-Mar-2017
R46,891.75 pps Read more
Hanneman Holiday Residence
Africa & Indian Ocean Islands
Experience the Seychellois way of life!
Valid. 12-Jan to 31-Mar-2017
R16,675.23 pps Read more
5-Star LUX Grand Gaube
Africa & Indian Ocean Islands
A romantic hideaway.
Valid. 21-Jan to 08-Apr-2017
R27,366.42 pps Read more
5-Star Hilton Mauritius Resort
Africa & Indian Ocean Islands
Stay 7N & Pay 5N
An island paradise in the Indian Ocean
Valid. 04-Jan to 30-Apr-2017
R23,647.00 pps Read more
Phuket & Phi Phi Island
Free Phuket Orientation Tour.
Enjoy fun in the sun on the beaches of Phuket and Phi Phi Island.
Valid. 01-Mar to 29-Mar-2017
R15,152.48 pps Read more
Highlights of Vietnam
A land that offers ancient history, natural beauty and buzzing cities.
Valid. 10-Jan to 30-Apr-2017
R19,855.67 pps Read more
Bangkok Shopping
An experience to thrill and delight the most discerning of shoppers.
Valid. 15-Jan to 31-Mar-2017
R10,400.65 pps Read more
Bali Bliss
Free WI-FI!
Bask in the Bali sun with this ALL INCLUSIVE offer!
Valid. 11-Jan to 30-Jun-2017
R26,017.47 pps Read more
A Taste of Ireland
The land of shamrocks and St Patrick's Day.
Valid. 27-Feb to 27-Mar-2017
R20,812.07 pps Read more
Paris & Disneyland
Kids under 7 stay FREE!
The place where dreams come true!
Valid. 13-Jan to 29-Mar-2017
R20,056.79 pps Read more
The Best of Spain & Portugal - G ADVENTURES (ESSP)
Dynamic culture, compelling history and to-die-for cuisine.
Valid. 09-Apr to 11-Jun-2017
R46,828.00 pps Read more
Classic Andalucia by Train
The best way to explore the Spanish cities.
Valid. 13-Jan to 29-Mar-2017
R20,556.04 pps Read more
Eastern Mediterranean Cruise
Middle East & Mediterranean
Sail the iconic Mediterranean.
Valid. 15-May to 22-May-2017
R29,183.17 pps Read more
Sailing Croatia - G ADVENTURES (ECVD)
Middle East & Mediterranean
Sail the stunning islands on a small yacht.
Valid. 02-May to 20-Jul-2017
R30,686.00 pps Read more
Classic Egypt
Middle East & Mediterranean
Walk in the footsteps of the great Pharoes.
Valid. 04-Jan to 10-Apr-2017
R17,986.22 pps Read more
Dubai & Istanbul
Middle East & Mediterranean
Two City Combo
Valid. 01-May to 31-Aug-2017
R17,415.58 pps Read more
Eastern Caribbean Cruise
North America
Caribbean highlights onboard the Allure of the Seas.
Valid. 26-Mar to 02-Apr-2017
R29,518.24 pps Read more
Canadian Rockies
North America
Mighty, rugged and exquisite!
Valid. 16-Feb to 25-Apr-2017
R30,188.54 pps Read more
Train Journey through American History
North America
A rail adventure!
Valid. 01-Jan to 31-Mar-2017
R29,378.09 pps Read more
Los Angeles
North America
"City of Angels" famous for its film and television industry.
Valid. 01-Mar to 31-Mar-2017
R26,299.97 pps Read more
Tango in Buenos Aires
South America
Unforgettable Buenos Aires is sexy, alive and supremely confident.
Valid. 28-Feb to 31-May-2017
R17,951.25 pps Read more
Cancun, Mexico
South America
Taking a plunge into turquoise waters.
Valid. 25-Apr to 02-Jul-2017
R37,875.92 pps Read more
Deep in the Jungle
South America
The Amazon never fails to impress!
Valid. 28-Feb to 31-May-2017
R53,966.80 pps Read more
Galapagos Island - Land & Sea - G ADVENTURES (SEVLO7NA)
South America
Explore the islands and its animals in Darwin's theory.
Valid. 07-Feb to 31-May-2017
R63,291.00 pps Read more