South America Holidays                                                        


Peru on Sale!
Lima - 6 Nights
South America
Ancient temples, Spanish cathedrals and the Sacred Valley of the Inca.
Valid. 01-Feb to 31-May-2017
R33,853.96 pps
From Tango to Samba
Buenos Aires - 7 Nights
South America
Discover both exotic cities and be amazed by the sights of the Falls.
Valid. 28-Feb to 31-May-2017
R47,096.89 pps
Tango in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires - 3 Nights
South America
Unforgettable Buenos Aires is sexy, alive and supremely confident.
Valid. 28-Feb to 31-May-2017
R18,226.79 pps
City & Beach Combo
Rio de Janeiro - Buzios - 5 Nights
South America
Explore Rio & relax on the beautiful beaches of Buzios.
Valid. 28-Feb to 31-May-2017
R22,234.14 pps
Deep in the Jungle
Rio de Janeiro - 8 Nights
South America
The Amazon never fails to impress!
Valid. 28-Feb to 31-May-2017
R56,051.80 pps
Cancun, Mexico
Cancun - 7 Nights
South America
Taking a plunge into turquoise waters.
Valid. 25-Apr to 02-Jul-2017
R38,960.47 pps
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta - 7 Nights
South America
Puerto Vallarta is exquisite and romantic. There's a sunset waiting for you!
Valid. 25-Apr to 30-Jun-2017
R33,903.41 pps
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